The two most important features of any kitchen should be functionality and durability. However, from the onset it is important to carefully consider the style, design and material preferences that will be the perfect match for your character, to fulfil the desire to create a working environment that contributes to a harmonious and continuous living space, rather than dividing it.
Thus, these days the kitchen sink is there to add sophistication and personality to your kitchen.


Schock invented the granite sink more that 30 years ago. Materials produced and developed by Schock include Christadur and Christalite, both of which are extremely durable and easy to clean, requirements that are vital in modern kitchens. The workmanship and material properties are cutting edge. All Schock materials boast the following properties:
• Antibacterial
• Easy to clean
• Food-safe
• UV stable
• Scratch proof
• Stain resistant
In addition to that, Schock sinks comprise a he variety of shapes, sizes and colours, all of which can be viewed on :

Schock Kitchen Sink
Schock Christadur FocusChristadur Focus C-150
Schock Kitchen Sink
Schock Christadur OpusChristadur Opus D-150
Franke Quinline
Cascade CDX621.120
Franke Cascade
Franke Neptune
The new 200mm deep bowl range from Franke Europe. With sleeg design, and recessed draining board the work area will remain dry and hygienic.
Franke Studio STX
The smarter space saving corner sink with functional, versatile accessories for a lifetime of enjoyment.

When you install a Karran sink you're free to worry about other things (1230 x 440 x 170)
When you install a Karran sink you're free to worry about other things (1500 x 500 x 195)
Duravit Cucina

Ceramics for the kitchen. The kitchen is familiar territory for Duravit. It started to manufacture crokcery as early as 1817. With the Cucina range of ceramic kitchen sinks, Duravit has come full circle and is introducing an accomplished combination of form, function and durability to the kitchen. The work of high profile designers’ carefully manufactured with the new patented and highly robust DuraCeram ceramic mass, boast many useful attributes and features the high quality that customers have come to expect from Duravit.

Duravit Starck (1230 x 440 x 170)
Duravit Cassia (1500 x 500 x 195)

New Products


Bathroom furniture with its own unique appeal for people who appreciate straightforward lines and shapes. Showcasing here is the Durastyle with the Jokey basin and cabinet combination.

Girona lifestyle

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