Handy tips and tricks to prolong the life of your taps and sanitary ware

How to clean an acrylic bath?
Do NOT clean your acrylic with Handy Andy. Handy Andy contains an abrasive agent that will cause your bath to lose its smoothness and shine after a prolonged use of time.  To clean your acyclic bath use only Sunlight Liquid or similar dish wash liquid.
What to do about light scratches?
They can easily be removed by using a dry cloth and metal polish such as like Brasso. Put a bit of liquid Brasso on the cloth and apply to the surface to be treated, in a circular motion. Let it dry until a white powdery substance remains, then rub vigorously with the same dry cloth, until the shine returns. Repeat the action if necessary.
To ensure the continuous well-functioning of your showerhead/hand shower, take it off every once in a while and clean the nozzles/holes. The holes tend to build up layers of dried lime scale that will eventually block them. Soak the showerhead in vinegar for 10-15 minutes, then gently rub over the holes with a soft sponge so that the residue will peel off, layer by layer. If you have a showerhead that has its holes lined with rubber or silicon knobs, it is enough just to 'rubit'. Due to the flexibillity of the silicon, the residue will break off without haming the shower head. ???
Harmful products
Do not store harmful or aggressive chemicals, such as pool acid, drain cleaner etc. under the kitchen sink, as the fumes which these liquids emit may cause even a stainless steel sink to corrode on the underside.

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