Our Story

OBECO was established in December 1964 by Mr Otto Behrens and Mr Karl Kring.

In 1971, the company moved to its current premises in MacAdam Street, where a new showroom and larger storage facilities allowed us to display our products and provide our customers with even better service. The company needed to expand to meet customer demand at the coast and soon a second branch was opened in Winter Street, Swakopmund.

OBECO’s main objective was to provide specialised service and technical advice to our clients. To this day, this remains our aim and explains our success. Imported goods from Europe gave us the lead in the modernisation of sanitary ware and plumbing ware. Soon the rest of Namibia followed our lead, moving from the out-dated British/South African plumbing techniques to modern European methods and styles. New products were introduced to municipalities, government departments and specifying authorities, through seminars and training, introducing advanced European standards.

The provision of tiles quickly became a major part of our business countrywide and we now stock the widest selection of first grade imported tiles and SA tiles in Namibia. We also specialise in tiles for swimming pools and outside cladding, inviting clients and architects to enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide variety of designs for hospitals, police stations, schools, modern office buildings and factories.

In 2009, a new building was erected across the street, for the current showroom and warehouse. It is called the Obeco Lifestyle Centre and its the first of it's kind in this country and once again Obeco has created a landmark in Namibia in terms of a state of the art showroom, which is yet to be rivalled in the local architectural and design sphere.