Change your point of view. These days a urinal is no longer seen as a product of pure necessity in public ablutions, but is fast becoming popular as a hygienic option for the private house, adding a focal point to any private house, be it in the bathroom, at the pool or the entertainment area.

280032 — Vero
The ideal accessory for any Guest Bath Room — it is space and water saving.
082625 — Starck 3
Ideal for the Public Sector because of it‘s deep bowl and elongated shape. Designed by Phillipe Starck
082830 — D–Code
The entry level urinal in terms of price, without compromising on quality.
082335 — Darling
Darling is different. A Urinal with lid.

New Products


Bathroom furniture with its own unique appeal for people who appreciate straightforward lines and shapes. Showcasing here is the Durastyle with the Jokey basin and cabinet combination.

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